Here Comes Bitcoin is the central resource for all things Bitcoin (puppet, not currency), including license-free creative assets that you can use to make anything you want. And we hope you will. If what you make is great, we’ll add it here.

Make Your Own Asset

Need a heavily caricatured bitcoin for your open-source project, conference keynote, or frightening cardboard cutout that lives in your attic? Grab a PNG and have at it. It’s all open-source and license-free. Have a new idea? Submit your own.

Gif Station

Many no longer have the attention span necessary to watch a 10-minute video about the toll that being money's future takes on the mind. Our team certainly didn't. So we made a bunch of gifs that people like you and us could watch instead.

bitcoin eats pigeonbitcoin hands on headbitcoin hugsbitcoin waving and pointingbitcoin pointing with mocoo dogsbitcoin dancingbitcoin fan selfiebitcoin drinking milkbitcoin scratching headbitcoin pointingbitcoin dips moocoobitcoin dancing pubkey

From The Film

Enough people requested these during Who is Bitcoin?’s prerelease that we knew they belonged here. While they aren’t as customizable as others assets (yet), they make great wallpapers and rebuttals to anyone who says bitcoiners don’t have a sense of humor about bitcoin.

bitcoin alienbitcoin beachbitcoin cookingbitcoin draculabitcoin farmerbitcoin safaribitcoin surfingbitcoin woods